Mumtalakat 2018 Annual Report


Our Approach

Our investment approach is guided by three pillars which support our mandate of investing in and for Bahrain.

Our investment approach


We invest for the long-run, seeking partners who share our values of transparency and corporate governance, with proven track records, effective management teams and potential for continued growth.

active role

We are an active investor. We proactively drive and support value-enhancing initiatives in our portfolio companies through our presence on their boards. We also leverage our diverse expertise with our investment professionals who have in depth experience across various sectors and geographies.

Commitment to
best practices

We uphold our commitment to the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency. We operate in compliance with the Bahrain Code of Corporate Governance and we also maintained our rating of 10/10 in the Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index issued by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute.