Mumtalakat 2018 Annual Report

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In today’s world, organisations cannot grow without technology. It affects all business operations from communications to investments. As such, our Information Technology’s (IT) team is one of our most valuable assets.

The role of our IT team includes aligning technology with our business requirements, streamlining our operations while keeping track of the latest market trends and supporting our portfolio companies when needed, ensuring that our information is always secure and protected and much more.

Key milestones in 2018:

In 2018, our IT team focused on increasing operational efficiency and security. They successfully migrated our IT infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, closing our onsite and offsite data centres. This was in line with the Government of Bahrain’s Cloud First Policy and we were the first government-owned company in Bahrain to fully migrate all its technology infrastructure. The team also supported some of our local companies to fully migrate to the AWS cloud, namely Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah), Mazad and Khairat Al Bahrain. As a result of the migration, our will be reduced by over 50% as data backup, storage and security costs have been cut.

Following our migration, the team overhauled our disaster recovery plan and security platform, ensuring that we are now globally with minimal recovery time in cases of emergency.