Mumtalakat 2018 Annual Report

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The success of our organisation can only be driven by our people. We can only reach our ultimate objective of growing the wealth of Bahrain through hiring and retaining the right calibre of professional individuals.

We cultivate culture focused on professionalism, diversity and continued development in line with market dynamics. Not only are we focused on the progression of our people, but we also look at enhancing the overall performance of our organisation. We do this by ensuring that the strategic objectives and business plans between our investment and support functions are aligned, while setting and overseeing key performance indicators across all functions.

Key milestones in 2018:

With investments being at the core of what we do, our HR team organised a financial bootcamp for our investment deal support team to refresh and boost their investment skills.

In line with our mission of growing the value of our portfolio companies and enhancing their performance, our HR team revised the structure of our investment team in 2018 and created a Special Situations Unit that provides high level intensive support and strategic interventions in critical situations with a focus on value preservation.

As we seek to establish new companies in sectors that diversify our economy in Bahrain, our HR team also established an agile structure for new ventures to allocate resources across our functions in order to ensure that these companies have the full support they need at the incubator stage.

Promoting a culture of openness, collaboration and transparency, our HR team conducted an engagement study to measure our engagement levels within the company and enhance team spirit. Through this study, the team identified areas for improvement and conducted action planning workshops to help foster an environment that nurtures positive working relationships.