Mumtalakat 2018 Annual Report

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As we strive to be a global investment leader, our Communications & Public Affairs team continued to engage with our internal and external stakeholders through various mediums while working to enhance our digital presence. Their efforts support our organisation in generating confidence amongst our peers, stakeholders and potential investors.

Key milestones in 2018:

Throughout the year, the Communications & Public Affairs team focused on enhancing our visibility and raising awareness about our investment focus and our role as the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund. In addition to our involvement in a number of investor conferences and media spotlights of our work, we developed our brand and outreach further for clearer public engagement.

We also continued to support Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mumtalakat, by launching a digital campaign to promote the Bahrain Grand Prix. Notably in 2018, our physical presence in the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix was enriched through our partnership with McLaren and the development of an exclusive programme for our business guests and portfolio companies.

Our team also played a key role in the participation of one of our associate companies in the aviation sector, FAI Group, at the fifth Bahrain International Airshow for the first time. FAI, a leading provider of mission-critical aviation services based in Germany, showcased their D-AFAN Challenger 850 aircraft at the airshow, which offers spacious, flexible cabins for VIP transport and air ambulance requirements.

As part of our efforts to enhance collaboration and facilitate a culture that promotes knowledge sharing, our Communications & Public Affairs team kicked off a series of Lunch & Learn workshops for Mumtalakat and Group employees. Our first workshop focused on cybersecurity and cloud computing for business efficiency while our second workshop explored the role of legal practitioners in crisis management and ensuring transparency in light of current legislations.

The team also enhanced its community outreach efforts, partnering with The Conserving Bounties Society, a local non-profit organisation that aims to provide high quality meals for people in need. This heralded the launch of a new online campaign and annual programme, the #SpiritOfRamadan whereby our colleagues supported the Society in packing meals during the holy month of Ramadan, increasing awareness of food wastage and the underprivileged.

At the same time, we continued our annual awards programme and the inter-linked digital campaign ‘Many Stories, One Bahrain’, which were launched in 2017. We ended the year by recognising and commemorating our Group’s outstanding employees in the lead up to Bahrain’s National Day, which also coincided with the launch of our enhanced brand.